Is 123HelpMe Legit?

There may be many motives why some people have doubts about whether the 123HelpMe website is a scam or an authentic essay writing company. 123HelpMe does not offer the money-back promise. Support for customers isn't great and the resources available are very limited. The website of the company is not equipped with several functionalities. Take a close glance at the things you'll need to know before choosing this option.

This is not a service for writing.

123HelpMe doesn't provide proof of legitimacy but they do provide essay writing advice and inspiration. It has received very few complaints about security, privacy or financial details. The company's name is built on providing good quality essays and other types of writing, however best term paper writing service it has failed in a few instances. There are also less than satisfactory plagiarism checkers. Thus, the users must be cautious when using the site.

In spite of its title, 123HelpMe does not have customer support representatives. Customers can contact their the customer service team by filling out the contact form located at proofreadingpal review the top of this page. This form asks for personal information such as name, email as well as subject and message. To request a quotation the customer can contact us via email. A representative may contact the customer if there's significant likelihood that the issue can be solved.

The guarantee does not include a cash-back guarantee.

Although there are several motives to avoid using the 123Help Me, none of these can be attributed to the fact that they do not provide the money-back guarantee. The website does not offer security certificates, therefore if you use 123 Help Me to pay for your order, you should be aware that they won't reimburse the wrong payment. Besides, if you decide that you aren't satisfied with the service they provide, there's no means to claim the money back. Also, it is hard to be sure about the website because of its bad reputation.

123Helpme does not offer contact details on its website. For contact with the customer service rep, you must go to the "Contacts" tab on the homepage. You must enter your name, email address as well as a short description of the issue. It is unlikely that they will reply to your message immediately. It could take for days or even weeks for your money back.

The company isn't able to provide good customer service.

123HelpMe is one of the most popular online writing service. It isn't as efficient like the other writing companies and doesn't offer any customers service. It does not offer a personal contact or straightforward way to connect with an agent live. Clients are encouraged to contact the company via email. Clients must include their name and subject and the specifics of their problem. They must then wait for an answer.

It is not clear if 123helpme can be trusted. While it offers a wide variety of essays, the quality of the essays is often lacking. They don't also provide any the customer with a service such as the number to call or an email address to be reached promptly, or provide proper advice for how to solve homework. While 123helpme offers some fantastic features, you should also consider the drawbacks of their service before making the decision to utilize their services.

It doesn't offer an extensive range of resources offers an online service that offers essays of all types. Essays are organized according to general topics, and you can search for essays using keywords. These papers are color coded to indicate their quality level. These papers can be used to conduct research. But, they can't be included in a complete project. It is good to know that 123HelpMe provides a huge selection of writing samples for you to choose from.

While 123HelpMe offers a huge database of essay samples, it does not possess a staff of active writers. There is a chance that you freepaperwriter review can discover an essay that fits the assignment you have given, but it is possible that you will be disappointed by the writing quality. The writers are not qualified and experienced enough to create documents that are filled with all the nuance and sophistication demanded by your teacher. Althougtitle23HelpMe offers a large collection of writing samples, its writing quality could be debatable. In addition, the writers that collaborate for 123HelpMe aren't professional writers. Also, 123HelpMe does not offer a plagiarism checker that is satisfactory.

There is no protection for data

The security of data at 123HelpMe is insufficient. The first is that 123HelpMe does not provide users with contact information. Customers must go to the Contacts tab at the bottom of the page to reach them. They must provide their name, email address, problem as well as the reason for contacting them. The chances are that they'll receive an answer to their emails within a few days. In the event that they don't, it may take several weeks or even days for a reply.

123HelpMe has no direct discount system. Subscribers can be discounted by up to three months' advance, but not immediately. It is not worth it to sign up for 123HelpMe unless you're willing to spend a lot in the beginning. The service doesn't give sufficient security for privacy. You need to protect your credit card numbers and other information. The information you have stored on your computer could be leaked to them. Therefore, it is recommended to protect your details with an encrypted site.

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