AV Tech Advancements in Board Room Technology

As companies continue to place a high value on collaboration, flexibility, and staff well-being, the use of AV technology will continue play a part in meeting spaces. Many companies are already using conference room technology like digital whiteboards for communication between team members.

There's plenty of AV technology available to make your next office renovation successful whether you require simple wireless options or a high-quality 4K videoconferencing system. In the next few years, we will see advances in the technology used boardroomzone.com/what-is-documents-storage-on-iphone to create meeting rooms that include wireless presentations interactive displays, as well as enhanced security.

You don't have to rely upon bulky integrated systems that require expensive infrastructure upgrade. Plug-and-play speakers, such as the Nureva HDL-300 can be used to get great sound and block distracting background sounds during meetings, while not damaging the existing technology in their office.

For larger meeting rooms smart windows that adjust the opacity of the glass can assist in ensuring that everyone in the room is able to clearly see a videoconference or presentation. Products like Glass Apps' Smart Film can be used to create a smart window that will be activated during meetings and then turned off when it's not in use.

As the world becomes more connected, streamlined videoconferencing technology will allow team members to talk as if they're all in the same room. The most recent videoconferencing systems come with a high-definition camera, advanced audio and intelligent processing algorithms to provide a realistic, seamless experience.

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